About Steward's Network Fundraising Tool

Raise funds on your own terms with Steward's Network Fundraising tool

Our tool offers farmers a streamlined process to raise funds in a compliant and cost-efficient manner.

By utilizing securities exemptions, Steward will help you raise funds online with a simple and transparent system that your investors will love.

šŸ’”We are also working to expand options for intrastate offerings which have even fewer restrictions within individual states - let us know if you would like to be updated about these options!

Key Features of Network Fundraising

  • Create a private project page to host the investment offering.
  • Raise funds from accredited investors in your existing network.
  • Minimal legal & financial documentation.
  • No upfront fee. $99 per month once first investment is made.

Fundraising Restrictions

  • You cannot advertise or publicly market the offering, including on social media.
  • Non-accredited investors can place reserve investments (make an expression of interest).

How does it work?

  1. Project Page Creation
    Create a project page outlining your business on the Steward platform. Our team manually reviews each project page submitted to ensure they meet our criteria for sustainable farming practices and to maintain a network of quality projects.
  2. Take the Questionnaire
    Step through our short fundraising questionnaire to find out if our Network Fundraising tool is the right option for your project. Steward can help with alternative funding support if your project does not meet the scope of Network Fundraising.
  3. Reserve Investment Period (Optional)
    Confirm the terms of your fundraising round (i.e. interest rate, repayment period etc.), and we'll update your project page to start collecting reserve investments. You may then share your project page with your network and gauge their interest in your investment as well as your proposed terms.
  4. Fundraising Period
    Start marketing your offering to your existing customers and your email list.
    Your potential investors can view the project page and complete the investment process. Receive payments by ACH or wire with Steward's compliant payment facilitator.
  5. Investment Management
    Use your project dashboard post-offering to monitor your received investments, communicate updates about your project, and start paying returns to your valued investors.
If you wish to publicly market your investment offering, there may be other options, so please contact us.
If you are looking for committed capital, instead of raising capital yourself, please complete our loan application.

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