Who can invest?

At Steward, it's our goal to empower anyone to become an investor in sustainable farms and the farmers who steward them. We are continuing to work through various securities regulations to make this possible.

Investors in the United States

Currently, any US resident can invest in the Steward Farm Trust, except those living in Florida, Washington and Nebraska.

We are working hard to make arrangements to sell in these states, so if you would like to invest from one of these states, please create an account on the Steward website. This will ensure we have your details and can contact you when investment is available!

US-based accredited investors can invest in the Steward Farm Trust and other Steward offerings, from anywhere in the country under securities exemption Regulation D.

Foreign investors

Foreign investors can also invest in the Steward Farm Trust and other Steward offerings, so long as they are accredited.

Learn more about non-US investment, here.

Verify that you are an accredited investor

During the Steward investment process, eligible investors will be required to submit a form to verify their Accredited Investor Status.

Please have your accountant, attorney, investment advisor or broker-dealer complete the following form:

Accredited Investor Form 506C

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