About the Steward Wallet

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As a Steward lender, you will have access to a unique digital wallet, which holds the returns of your participations when they are paid out. Money is held in your wallet until you decide to withdraw them to your bank account or re-lend to another project. Note that payouts will differ depending on the type of participation.

How do I re-lend money from my Steward Wallet?

When making a loan to an individual farm, or to Steward Regenerative Capital, you can transfer money from your Steward Wallet if you have the sufficient balance to do so. This transfer type is only available if your current Wallet balance is greater than the amount you would like to loan.

To transfer money from your Steward Wallet:
  1. Initiate a loan to a Steward campaign
  2. At the Lending Details stage of the loan checkout you will find the Transfer Type options
  3. Select the Steward Wallet option
  4. Complete your loan checkout
Note that funds in your Steward Wallet cannot be combined with another payment method. It is not currently possible to manually add funds to your Steward Wallet, only from the returns of your various loans.

How do I withdraw the money that I have earned?

Steward wallet funds can be directly withdrawn to your linked bank account via ACH transfer, with no withdrawal minimum.

If you are unable to receive your payout by ACH transfer, you can opt to be mailed a check with your annual returns. If you would like to withdraw your earnings this way, let us know at support@gosteward.com.

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