What is Steward Regenerative Capital?

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Steward Regenerative Capital provides short-term bridge loans to regenerative farms, ranches, fisheries and producers, giving them swift access to capital when they need it.

While Steward's lending campaigns fuel the long-term growth of regenerative farms, they can take time. Growers also face immediate, short-term financial needs that must be met to maintain continuous production or pursue time-sensitive opportunities. These include expenses like:

  • Repairing an unexpected tractor breakdown
  • Paying for feed and transport before livestock are processed
  • Purchasing equipment at auction
  • Securing a land purchase within a short timeframe

Steward Regenerative Capital seeks to close this gap, supporting a suite of agricultural stewards in the critical period of preparation before embarking on a larger capital raise.

Funding Steward Regenerative Capital

Qualified lenders can support a diverse collection of regenerative & sustainable agricultural businesses by funding Steward Regenerative Capital. Simply choose your participation level and receive monthly repayments with interest (fixed 5% APR) through a 9-month renewable loan. Once the loan matures, choose whether to re-lend your funds or withdraw. Note: Funds are available for withdrawal anytime with 3 months notice.

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