What is the point of the private campaign period?

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Steward often uses the term Community Stewardship to refer to the idea that Steward borrowers must meet 20% of their loan value by reaching out to participating lenders in their own networks during the early stages of their Steward loan campaign.

Why is the Steward process structured this way?

Steward loans are set up as a participated loan. This means that qualified individuals can buy a "piece" of the loan that Steward is making. These supporters are referred to as "participating lenders," and they are buying a "loan participation" in your project.

In order to receive your Steward loan, all "pieces" of your loan must be bought by participating lenders. This means that a big part of the process is inviting your customers and community members to lend to your project and share in your success!

For your project to be publicly presented on Steward's website and made available to our lender network, you’ll first need to reach 20% of your loan amount during your private phase. During this time, your network will have first-look access to be able to participate in your campaign before anyone else. And of course, if you can garner more than 20% from your local community, that's even better!

We do this because we believe that if your community will lend to you, so will Steward’s network of lenders!

You can read THIS article to get tips and tricks for how to meet the 20% benchmark and make your Steward loan campaign a success!

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