What investor opportunities are available with Steward?

There are currently two deal types offered on the Steward platform for interested investors. The type of deal you participate in will determine the returns you can expect to see. Note that investing involves risk, and returns are not guaranteed on any deals offered by Steward.

You can view all currently fundraising projects, here.

Syndicated loan participation in an individual farm

This will allow you to lend towards a farm loan at a pre-determined interest rate and loan term. Repayments for these loans begin 90 days after the fundraise closes. The loans are fully amortizing so your interest and principle will be paid back in monthly repayments over the life of the loan.

Learn more about Steward farm loans.

Purchasing shares in the Steward Farm Trust

A purchase of common stock in a diverse portfolio of farms ($10 per share, minimum 10 shares) that pays back dividends based on the portfolio performance. Dividends are based on the revenue generated from the repayment of those loans.

Learn more about the Steward Farm Trust.

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