Adding A Second Funding Source

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Once you have completed the setup of your payment profile and it has been verified, you are then able to link your funding source. There is now an option to link two funding sources to your Steward account and can be used interchangeably when lending and transferring repayments.

To link a second funding source, log in to your Steward account and click on your “Payment Profile”. Scroll to the “Link Bank Accounts” section and click “Link Bank Account”. Follow the instructions in the window to find and link your funding source.

Adding a Second Funding Source During the Checkout Process

If you decide to add a second funding source while going through the checkout process while lending, you are able to do so. When you get to the “Lending Details” section, go to “Linked Account” and click “Manage Accounts”. This will take you to your Payment Profile to add a second funding source.

Once your second funding source has been added, click on the Shopping Cart at the top of your screen to be able to go to where you left off in the checkout process. Once back in the checkout, choose the funding source you wish to use to lend.

Choosing a Funding Source to Transfer Repayments To

When you have funds in your Steward wallet, you will have the option to choose which funding source you’d like to transfer those repayments to. 

To access your Steward Wallet, click on your Payment Profile, and then click on your Steward Wallet under “Actions”. Click “Transfer Balance”. Enter in the amount you want to transfer and select the funding source you wish to transfer the funds to.

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