Why partner with Steward versus raising capital independently?

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Farm businesses choose to partner with Steward because our loan process is specifically designed to streamline getting farmers access to the capital they need to grow. We facilitate and deliver capital to farmers so farmers don’t need to self-manage a private loan effort. The main benefits of partnering with Steward include: 

  • We are 100% focused on supporting the growth of regenerative agriculture by lending to sustainable farms, ranches, fisheries, and producers
  • We handle all financial transactions safely & securely
  • We keep things simpler for the borrower by managing separate loan agreements  (Lenders >< Steward >< Farm Partner)
  • We manage all lender repayments over the course of the loan
  • We automatically send out any necessary tax return documents
  • And finally, we provide an opportunity for farms to be part of a broader community of like-minded agriculture businesses across the country
You can learn more about Steward's participated loans here.

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