Can anyone from the general public purchase loan participations from Steward?

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No, not just anyone! Our lending opportunities are only right for certain people. These purchasers may be institutional buyers (such as a bank) or private buyers (such as a private equity fund). Individuals who self-identify as sophisticated lenders can also purchase a participation in the loan. 

Sophisticated (or qualified) lender is a term for individuals who are familiar with financial transactions, are able to understand the risks of entering into a transaction such as this, who have the financial capacity to lend, and are able to bear the potential loss of their loan principal. No loan repayment or anticipated proceeds are ever 100% guaranteed; all lending involves assumed risk. But Steward goes to great lengths to ensure that risk is minimized as much as possible to protect participating lenders. Individual loan participants certify to us upon checkout that they meet these criteria. Above all, the primary motivation for becoming a participating lender is the desire to support the advancement of regenerative agriculture.

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