Am I eligible for a Steward loan?

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Regenerative & Sustainable

Your regenerative agricultural business should use regenerative and/or environmentally sustainable production practices.


You should have an established business, as well as 3+ years of experience owning or managing a commercial farm or agricultural operation. Steward offers private commercial loans which can currently only be offered to businesses (e.g., Limited Liability Companies (LLC), partnerships, corporations (INC)).

Financially Sound

Your agriculture business should have three years history of annual revenue and filing appropriate tax returns which can be shared upon request.

Controlled Debt

You should have limited outstanding debt with other lenders and a positive track record of debt repayment, as reflected through your credit score.

Strong Network

You should have a reasonable expectation that your private network of potential lenders (business contacts and key customers) will be willing and able to become participants in your Steward loan. Learn more about Steward's participated loan structure.

Eligible Locations

Steward loans are currently available to agricultural businesses across the United States, except for those in California, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Steward's lending license is pending in these states and we hope to offer loans there soon!

If you have any questions about your business's eligibility for a loan, contact our friendly lending team at

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