Am I eligible for a Steward loan?

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  1. Regenerative & Sustainable Agriculture Business: Applicant businesses should use regenerative and/or environmentally sustainable practices in their agricultural production, sourcing, and supply chain. A business may also qualify for a Steward loan if they are in the process of transitioning their business to regenerative management practices and are willing to work with Steward to implement a documented and binding transition plan to that effect. Steward offers private commercial loans only to registered businesses.
  2. Experience: Businesses should be managed by operators with 3+ years of experience owning or managing a commercial farm, agricultural operation, or food business, with established markets and sales channels. If the applicant is a start-up business, the operator and senior leadership team must have extensive management experience in a related field.
  3. Financially-Sound and Well-Secured: Applicants should be able to demonstrate an ability to service debt from current or projected cash flows. Professional financial documents and projections are required.

Meets Steward Portfolio Thesis & Diversification Requirements: Applicant must also be a fit for Steward's portfolio, including our impact and time measures based on loan size, business type and general fit as a customer. 

If you have any questions about your business's eligibility for a loan, contact our friendly lending team at

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