How does Steward assess animal welfare in farming projects?

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When assessing farm projects that involve livestock, we ensure that the best practices for animal welfare are being used in a given production system.

As we support regenerative agriculture, that aims to build topsoil and sequester as much carbon as possible, we include systems that strive to achieve this. Often, animals are part of this picture! Importantly, we do not support livestock operations that buy from or sell to concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) or feedlots. We do not support operations that raise animals in a concentrated or cruel environment.

The projects that we do support all involve truly-pasture fed and finished animals, and when it comes to slaughter, we would expect that the most humane slaughter practices are being used.

We encourage any potential investors to look through our Projects page, to learn more about the specific farms that we fund.

Below, you can learn more about Iverstine Family Farms, a diversified, pasture based livestock operation which produces pasture hogs, pasture poultry, and 100% grass fed beef.

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