How to request an early withdrawal of your Regenerative Capital loan

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  1. On the Holdings page of your user dashboard, click on the Regenerative Capital tab
  2. Find the Regenerative Capital loan you'd like withdraw, and click the View Details icon

  1. Make sure your SRC loan does not have Automatic Rollover enabled.
  2. On the Loan Overview page, click the Schedule Withdrawal button
  3. This will open the Request a Withdrawal interface. Here you will select the desired withdrawal date--this will be your loan's new effective maturity date. Your options will be the 15th of every month remaining in your loan term, after the 3rd month.
  4. Once confirmed, you will see that your repayment schedule for this loan has been updated to reflect the new maturity date. We will also send you an email outlining all the details of your loan withdrawal.

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