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Post updates on your Project Page to let potential lenders know how your Steward loan campaign is progressing. And then once your loan goal is reached, you can keep participating lenders in the loop by sharing regular progress updates on how your funds are being used and the improvements you're making to grow your business.

Updates are posted publicly on your Project Page under an #Updates tab, and can optionally be sent out to all lenders as an email.

How to post an update

  1. From your Steward Dashboard, select the My Projects tab, and then click on the project you'd like to update.
  2. On the Project page, scroll down to find Project Updates. Click the Post Update button.
  1. Write the post title and body, and tick the checkbox if you'd like the update to be sent directly to participating lenders.

  1. Click Send and a Steward team member will review and publish your project update!

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