Steward Regenerative Capital

Understanding your Steward Regenerative Capital loan

Money moves on the 15th. In order to accurately calculate interest and allow the early withdrawal of your Steward Regenerative Capital loan, all movements of funds from Steward happen on the 15th of…

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Automatically roll over loans to Steward Regenerative Capital

Any loan made to Steward Regenerative Capital (SRC) now has the option to automatically roll over the principal amount of the loan upon maturity, allowing your funds to continue to support regenerati…

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What is Steward Regenerative Capital?

Steward Regenerative Capital provides short-term bridge loans to regenerative farms, ranches, fisheries and producers, giving them swift access to capital when they need it. While Steward's lending c…

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How to request an early withdrawal of your Regenerative Capital loan

On the Holdings page of your user dashboard, click on the Regenerative Capital tab. Find the Regenerative Capital loan you'd like withdraw, and click the View Details icon. On the Loan Overview page,…

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