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Borrowing Criteria

Learn more about the types of agriculture businesses Steward works with and how your business can receive a business loan from Steward.

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Using The Steward Platform

Commonly asked questions and tips on how to use Steward's loan platform.

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Borrower Resources

Steward is committed to helping our borrowers through the Steward loan process at every step of the way, and beyond!

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Receiving a commercial loan from Steward - FAQs

What types of agriculture businesses does Steward work with? A wide range of human-scale fruit & vegetable farms, livestock (animals, poultry, eggs, etc.), seafood & aquaculture, food & textile produ…

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FAQ Participated Loans - Borrowers

At Steward, we strive to offer a straightforward and compliant means for regenerative agriculture businesses to access flexible loans. We appreciate that Steward's lending model may be unfamiliar to…

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